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The data available in the retailer platform is exclusively and only authorised for use by our partners/dealers and their employees (sales representatives).
Any further publication or distribution/forwarding of the data, documents and videos is not permitted. Exceptions are only possible after prior consultation and agreement with our sales manager Pierre Wasgien.

The date behind the respective file indicates when it was last updated. Please ensure that you always use the latest data versions.

Please ensure that the product names are spelled correctly. The correct spellings are used in the retailer platform. They can also be found in the Corporate Design.

If you need logos (Rössle logo or product logos), please contact our marketing department:
Telephone: +49 8342 70 59 5-21

Update November 22, 2023:

The product catalogue, price list and updated product information and product images for the 2024 calendar year are now available on the retailer platform.

Product catalogue

Produktkatalog (Status: 22.11.2023)

Price list

Preisliste(Status: 22.11.2023)

New prices and new articles for 2024:
HYD1050; HYDRED135; HYDRED140; HYDWRB-03; HYD1010-6; all items belonging to the Water Rescue Box

Corporate Design

Product videos

You can download our current product videos via the Google Drive link (status: 12.12.2022)


Fotos/Images (Status: 22.11.2023)
Gebrauchsanleitung / Manual HYDRA (DE/EN) (Status: 07.08.2023)

Produktinformation HYDRA (Status: 04.04.2023)
Datenblatt HYDRA (Status: 03.03.2023)
Leistungsbeschreibung HYDRA (Status: 03.03.2023)
Ersatzteilliste HYDRA (Status: 03.03.2023)
Chemikalienliste HYDRA (Status: 12.12.2022)
Chemikalienbeständigkeit HYDRA (Status: 12.12.2022)
Datenblatt PRCD (Status: 12.12.2022)


Fotos/Images (Status: 22.11.2023)
Gebrauchsanleitung / Manual HYDRA-BOY (DE/EN) (Status: 07.08.2023)

Produktinformation HYDRA-BOY (Status: 03.03.2023)
Datenblatt HYDRA-BOY (Status: 03.03.2023)
Leistungsbeschreibung HYDRA-BOY (Status: 03.03.2023)
Ersatzteilliste HYDRA-BOY (Status: 12.12.2022)
Chemikalienliste HYDRA-BOY (Status: 12.12.2022)
Chemikalienbeständigkeit HYDRA-BOY (Status: 12.12.2022)
Datenblatt PRCD (Status: 12.12.2022)

HYDRA-Z / Additional package

Fotos/Images (Status: 22.11.2023)

Produktinformation Zusatzpaket HYDRA-Z (Status: 12.12.2022)
Produktinformation Zusatzpaket (Status: 12.12.2022)

Pre-separator ULTRA

Fotos/Images (Status: 03.03.2023)

Produktinformation Vorabscheider ULTRA (Status: 22.11.2023)
Datenblatt Vorabscheider ULTRA (Status: 12.12.2022)

Submersible pumps

Fotos/Images (Status: 22.11.2023)

Produktinformation Tauchpumpe KILO (Status: 22.11.2023)
Produktinformation Tauchpumpe MEGA (Status: 22.11.2023)
Produktinformation Tauchpumpe TERA (Status: 22.11.2023)
Produktinformation Tauchpumpe FLAT-ROSS (Status: 22.11.2023)
Produktinformation Tauchpumpe C-ROSS (Status: 22.11.2023)
Produktinformation Tauchpumpe B-ROSS (Status: 22.11.2023)

Operating instructions for the sewage / submersible pumps can be found here.

Multi-Skimmer HYDRA SWAP

Fotos/Images (Status: 03.03.2023)

Produktinformation HYDRA SWAP (Status: 04.04.2023)
Datenblatt HYDRA SWAP (Status: 04.04.2023)
Bilder-PDF/Image-PDF HYDRA SWAP (Status: 12.12.2022)

Mobile container

Fotos/Images (Status: 09.10.2023)

Produktinformation Rollcontainer Rössle (Status: 12.12.2022)
Datenblatt Rollcontainer Rössle (Status: 12.12.2022)

Universal squeegee

Fotos/Images (Status: 22.11.2023)

Produktinformation Multi-Schieber (Status: 12.12.2022)
Chemikalienbeständigkeit Multi-Schieber (Status: 12.12.2022)

Water Rescue Box

Fotos/Images (Status: 22.11.2023)

Produktinformation Water Rescue Box (Status: 22.11.2023)