Multi-Skimmer HYDRA SWAP

Multi-Skimmer HYDRA SWAP – Efficient removal of contaminated materials from surface water!

Operations of fire services are often related to environmentally hazardous liquids such as mineral oils, fuels or chemicals that have leaked. In these cases, it is important to act quickly and effectively to prevent the spill from spreading and having a largescale impact on the environment.

The HYDRA SWAP Multi-Skimmer (Swimming Water Application Protection) is used for the removal of oil and contaminated material in combination with the HYDRA FD vacuum cleaner and the pre-separator ULTRA. The sequence of these devices significantly facilitates the suction of the undesired materials from water surfaces.

The suction chamber of the skimmer is placed in a float, through which the device floats on the water surface. The skimmer is designed to adapt to the water level. Surface water as well as floating materials are sucked up via the connected suction hose. With the extendable telescopic rod, the skimmer can be easily guided on the water surface. If required, two skimmers can also be operated with one HYDRA FD vacuum cleaner for sludge, either in parallel operation or operated separately from each other.

With the HYDRA SWAP, you are optimally equipped for sensitive applications with contaminated materials.

Logo Multi-Skimmer HYDRA SWAP
Technical data Multi-Skimmer
Material float
Hose connection
C-Storz coupling
Weight (without accessories)
8 kg
60 x 45 x 18 cm (W x D x H)

Technical data Multi-Skimmer

  • Material float: Polyethlyene
  • Hose connection: C-Storz coupling
  • Weight (without accessories): 8 kg
  • Dimensions: 60 x 45 x 18 cm (W x D x H)
Multi-Skimmer HYDRA SWAP

What you can count on with the Multi-Skimmer HYDRA SWAP!

  • Incl. Skimmer, telescopic rod, 12 m suction hose, 2x C-Storz couplings, 90° bend C-Storz for hose connection
  • Optimal suction due to self-optimising level regulation
  • Guidance of the skimmer by means of the extendable telescopic rod
  • Optional suction hose extension for more reach
  • Use in combination with the HYDRA FD vacuum cleaner and the pre-separator ULTRA
  • Parallel operation of a second skimmer possible by means of a special holder
  • Easy transport, low weight