Compact dimensions are in the vehicle as valuable as on operational locations. Here you will find all important dimensions of the individual apparatuses. It is also important to note the integrated wheels in the tank body, in order to avoid unnecessarily bulky construction. The loading height of the HYDRA can be significantly reduced by simply folding the handle bar. Many well positioned brackets facilitate loading and unloading.

The HYDRA and also the HYDRA-BOY are also characterized by enormous pumping power. The diagrams show you the Liter output per hour, depending from the pump height of the vacuum cleaner to the top above.

These details make it clear that also the HYDRA-BOY with the correct performance even pumps from the underground car park to the top. Performance is important and sufficient available. The combination of very compact design with strong aggregates convinces in practice.

The scheme shown above shows the possibilities of suction and pump-out heights. Also you see the possible hose length on the pump exhaust side.